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GCH CH Amor Jazz Man at Solstice RE CGCU TKN

Bred by Mary Lopez, Shannon Stone, Sheryl Roach

Co-owned by Mary Lopez

See Pedigree here

DOB: January 19, 2018
9.75 Inches
13 Pounds

Genetic testing through U.C. Davis and Embark - available upon request
OFA Health Testing

Dog moving toward camera in show ring
Dog with snow on face
Dog laying on table looking at camera
Dog standing in show ring

Jazz is wonderful young man. He completed his AKC Championship at the age of 10 months. After a break at home (extended by COVID-19), he completed the requirements for his Grand Championship in November 2020. He is a very naturally balanced dog, with beautiful movement and a mischievous personality. He is now competing in Rally at the Master level, and enjoys doing tricks. But his favorite thing is Scentwork, as evidenced by his big grin every time we leave class. 


He has completed his health testing, and has his CHIC number. In addition, he has had genetic testing for nearly 200 conditions through UC Davis and Embark, with no genetic diseases or conditions found. He has produced some lovely kids. Jazz can produce black, gold, cream, red and black & tan puppies (depending on dam) and does not carry the short-hair gene. He is both AKC and Canadian Kennel Club registered. 

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