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Who is Solstice Havanese

My name is Martha Murray. After having larger dogs most of my life, I wanted a smaller dog, and discovered the Havanese. I was immediately drawn to these happy, playful dogs with their beautiful coats. In 2013 I brought home my first, Cruiser, from Mary Lopez of Amor Havanese, and fell completely in love. 

While I love showing my dogs in the conformation ring, Havanese are smart, athletic and incredibly versatile. They excel at many activities and jobs: therapy work, agility, tricks, obedience, rally, nosework/scent work, and others. Some are trained as service dogs. One thing they all seem to have in common - they love to learn. They respond wonderfully to positive reinforcement method of training. 

Dog in show ring


Dog sniffing Christmas tree


As with any breed, temperament is extremely important. As a breed, Havanese are loving and attentive to their people. Genetics absolutely play a part, but perhaps equally important is the dog's life experience. From early neural stimulation in the whelping box, handling by loving, trustworthy people, experiences with lots of different sights, smells and textures, to having structures and hills to climb, tunnels to explore, all help a puppy go to a new home with self confidence.

Each of my dogs has a distinctive personality. Rarely does one say no to learning a new activity, and it's so fun to see their eyes light up and to see that grin appear when there’s something they especially enjoy. 

So far, one or more of my dogs have been trained and/or participated in the show ring, rally, agility, obedience, tricks, FastCAT, scent work and therapy work. These guys keep me very busy with lessons, trials, shows, walks and lots of silliness. If you can't tell from the pics throughout this site, these guys are part of the family.

Puppy running toward camera


Three dogs on driftwood log

Day at the beach

Then it's up to the new owner to continue with the positive experiences, challenges and training during a very important window of opportunity. Owners need to understand the "fear phases" that young dogs go through, taking advantage of the time before the first starts, and being thoughtful during those phases. 

Health is also of primary importance. My dogs have OFA health testing and genetic screening prior to being involved in a breeding program. 

I am a member of the Oregon Trail Havanese Club, the Cascade Havanese Club and the Havanese Club of America. My dogs and I are frequently at shows and trials throughout Oregon and Washington, and sometimes farther afield. 

Solstice Havanese is located near Portland, Oregon, in the beautiful, and frequently wet, Pacific Northwest.

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